About Us

By the grace of Allaah (سبحانه وتعالى) by whose grace everything good takes place, Sahulatghar.com is Pakistan's first and leading online grocery store that provides groceries simultaneously at cash and credit as per your need and also Organic fruits,vegetables,meats and digital goods and services.
Well, the world is growing in advancement at an increasingly fast pace, and customers' expectations are also rising accordingly. Thus, we believe that merely providing high-quality products won't suffice now. So, we have a threefold aim to deliver high-quality products for satisfyingly reasonable prices right at your doorstep with an amazingly fast delivery service. 
Moreover, at SG, we REALLY CARE to cater to the needs of the labor class and middle-class households who live from payday to payday, and find themselves in a financially challenging situation towards the end of almost every month. We have especially introduced the 'Buy on Credit' “Buy now pay later” feature to stand by the side of such families through their low phases when the means go meagre but the needs still exist. 
Yes, we are here in the market to break the stigma that taking a loan would put you in a socially embarrassing situation, or steal something from your social prestige. With SG, it won't any more InSha Allah! 
Everyone recieves you well when your pocket is full but few choose to be your companion when the means shrink so we have taken the initiative to be your companion through thick and thin. If you are a labour class or middle-class member of this society who has to knock at a friend's or relative's door to borrow some money every now and then just because you run out of money to buy basic groceries, and other commodities of everyday use, at some point before the payday then you don't have to face that social embarrassment any more as our 'Buy on Credit' feature is just a few clicks away; shop now and pay later. 
If you are familiar with the Pakistani market-culture, probably you can visualise those glass doors of shops bearing the card that says 'Cash Only; Loan is Unavailable' but at SG, we have taken off that card forever as you are always welcome to buy on credit, and that too with literally NO additional charges. We hope this feature would make life easier for our valued customers.